About Us

About Us

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S2D MICROWAVE, INC. specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of ultra broadband RF Microwave components, sub-systems and sub-assemblies for the applications ranging from space to defense to commercial. S2D Microwave’s comprehensive integrated portfolio of design, assembly, testing of a wide variety of RF Microwave components: Switches, Amplifiers, Attenuators, Detectors, DC Blocks and Bias Tee’s, Limiters helps address the key challenges scientists and manufactures of the integrated systems face today. With our experienced and dedicated staff, excellent in-house design, testing and manufacturing capabilities, we can build single function component to multi function component assemblies achieving the best time-to-result while focusing on the quality.

S2D Microwave, Inc. is a privately-held California corporation and strategically located in the heart of Silicon Valley - Cupertino, CA, USA where innovations prosper.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide highest quality product, design, engineering and custom assembly services to our customers through innovation, quality engineering, manufacturing and services.

Our vision is to take RF Microwave component engineering to the next level and be your reliable partner of choice.



S2D Microwave, Inc. is founded by engineers with decades of collective experience in the design and development of RF microwave components. Our staffs of highly skilled Engineers and Technicians are dedicated to provide the highest level of quality product and customer satisfaction.