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RF Microwave Switch

S2D Microwave RF Switches cover a wide frequency range from KHz to 65 GHz. They are available in both reflective and absorptive configurations and various logic selections. The switch unit is available from Single-Pole Single-Throw (SPST) to Single-Pole 50-Throw (SP50T).

General Specifications

¨ SPST -to- SP64T

¨ KHz—65GHz

¨ Low Insertion Loss

¨ High Isolation to 85 dB

¨ Excellent VSWR

¨ Integral TTL Drivers

¨ 30 ns typical switching speed : 10%TTL to 90%RF

¨ Operating Voltage: +/-5 V, +5/-12 V

¨ Operating Temperature Range: -54°C—+84°C

¨ Amplitude and Phase matched models available

¨ Field replaceable connectors

¨ Reverse voltage protection

¨ Surface mount or connector packages

¨ Hermetic sealing option available

Reflective Switches


Reflective switch reflects power with forward bias and conduct power with reverse biased diode.



Absorptive Switches


Absorptive switch gives a low VSWR in both ON/OFF states and comes with 50 Ohms termination on all of the output ports.


S2D Microwave, Inc. reserves all the rights to change any specification without notice.

Above specifications are based on calculations


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