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RF Microwave Detector

S2D Microwave Detectors cover a broad frequency range from 10 MHz to 65 GHz. They are available in two types: Tunnel Detector and Shottky Detector. Detectors can be integrated with Amplifiers, Coupler, or Limiters.

General Specifications

 RF Microwave shottky and tunnel diode detector

 Wide frequency range 10 MHz to 65 Ghz

 Frequency response within 0.9 dB

 Negative and Positive output

 High sensitivity to 500mv

 Input power max. 100mW

 Video output capacitance varies from 10pf to 470pf based on your frequency specification

 Internal video protection

 Available in compact rugged packages

 Hermetic sealing option available



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S2D Microwave, Inc. reserves all the rights to change any specification without notice..

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