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RF Microwave Limiter

S2D Microwave RF Limiters limit power from 1W to 100W CW that is specifically suited for receiver protection and power leveling applications. They are available in various packages of coaxial, or standard packages. Hermetic sealing models are also available.

Limiter Integration Options

Limiters are integrated with either single or multi-throw switches, power dividers or detectors. Different types of Limiters e.g Surface mount, feedback or conventional limiters can be built as per the design specification.

General Specifications

 Wide frequency range from 5 MHz to 65 GHz

 Power handling from 1W CW to 50W CW

 Low Insertion Loss

 Low Leakage

 Excellent VSWR

 In Built DC Blocking Cap (Active Limiters)

 Recovery time less than 10us (Active Limiters)

 Fast recovery time (Passive Limiters)

 Internal DC Return (Passive Limiter)

 Available in compact rugged packages

 Hermetic sealing option available

S2D Microwave, Inc. reserves all the rights to change any specification without notice..

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